Thursday, April 06, 2006

For those who are priority-challenged

When you buy and/or adopt a dog, cat, ferret, rabbit (you get the point), it's supposed to be 'til death do you part. Not 'til summer vacation, or when you put the inflatable pool up, or when the new baby comes, or when the dog chews your couch or the cat uses your wall as a scratching post, or when still a puppy/kitten, they bite/scratch you (this should be an obvious duh, but it's not for a lot of people), or 'til you realize the people you adopted the animal from was telling the truth about s/he shedding so much fur....or even when you realize the animals actually needs attention and refuses to be ignored.

Ever hear of the internet and researching the animal before you actually make the supposed lifelong commitment?

I just got this email and it's what sparked this rant, for like the millionth time:

i am reoffering a female spayed german shepherd. shes a great dog. all
her shots are current. no papers. she needs lots of room to run and needs someone to spend a fair amount of time with her. prefer to give her to someone who knows and loves the german shepherd type. outstanding watch dog. loves kids, but can be a little rough at times as she is large and doesnt understand her own strength. she would love sleeping in the bed with you and to sit in your lap. shes extremely
affectionate. however, she's satisfied with sleeping nearby. she checks to make sure our children are in their bed and safe each night before she lays down. please email me at with shepherd in the subject, otherwise i may delete ur mail. she has her crate that she doesnt mind getting in to. i do not put her in there
unless i have my infant niece over crawling around. she loves being outside too. the reason im trying to find her a new home is because i have an ezset swimming pool that i am afraid she will pop when we put it up. she loves water and likes to bath in the shower. my husband suggest we build her a little side pin, but i do not want her caged or tied up. period. i wouldnt want that for myself, so certainly not for my pet. (bold mine)

Isn't that nice? She wants to put up her inflatable pool soon but doesn't want to the dog to pop it so, naturally, instead of teaching the dog to stay away from it, the woman figures it can all be solved by getting rid of her!

I didn't respond, not even to tell her that I've got 3 dogs and they all couldn't give 2 shits about the inflatable pool but will stop by to drink out of the foot tub. And if I would have responded, I would not have been very nice. At. All.

Okay, so I lied. I did repond to tell her the dog could be taught and yes, because I am me, I added a little line of sarcasm in there. Heh.