Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Random Ten: "I didn't realize just how eclectic my musical tastes were 'til I got this GoGear" Edition

Seriously, I'm not joking. NASCAR Nut jokes that I'm the kind of person who needs 3 10disk changers in my trunk with 2 12" speakers and a very powerful amp.

Huh, he just might be on to something there....

1. Dixie Chicks Top of the World
2. Kid Rock Trucker Anthem
3. Brandy Who Am I
4. Celtic Woman CD The Butterfly
5. Martina McBride Where Would you Be
6. Disturbed Stricken
7. Bette Midler Night and Day (Nora Jones also does an excellent cover of this song.)
8. Dixie Chicks Ready to Run
9. Michelle Branch Something to Sleep to
10. Joss Stone The Chokin' Kind

I downloaded some Michael Jackson songs Wednesday night, namely the 2 used in Free Willy, which Peanut thoroughly enjoyed. He loves those movies.

Now be sure to check out the video below of Peanut playing with 2 huskies. Yes, that is me laughing in the background but hey, it was hilarious! (It actually went on for about 10 minutes but digital cameras won't record for that long.)

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