Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Civil War in Iraq

You know, I have a real hard time believing we didn't help it along, despite what the Shrubites claim. Isn't it a little curious that chaos took over Iraq soon after we started bombing and occupying such a country we had no right to invade in the first place?

So when I hear Bush, during his impromtu press conference yesterday, claim Iraq is not in the beginnings of a Civil War, and Rummy plainly add that he will believe Civil War has sprung when it becomes like that of our own Civil War, I want to show them all the pictures, news programs and alternative news sources that plainly and very obviously refute their dumbass claims to the contrary.

Watching the destruction on the news is heartbreaking because we just created, and are responsible for, another generation of war.

How would we feel if every single day a mosque was being blown up? Or a car bomb was going off? Or you were afraid to ride the buses because a bomb might make your final destination death? How about the fact that children in Iraq are suffering because they have to grow up witnessing these acts, while others are being kidnapped to become part of a child army? Or about the reporters who are trying to bring us the truth, but in doing so, risk their lives every second of everyday? The reporter's lives, of course, are just as important as the US Troops in Iraq who are "fighting for our freedoms."

Before we moved in, Iraq may not have been the best place on earth to live, but it was generally peaceful compared to what is happening now.

Before we moved in, women and children could walk on the streets to find food and were somewhat safe.

The Shrubites can take their war and shove it up their ass. (Which might not happen because they are already up each others asses, there might not be any room left.)