Wednesday, February 08, 2006

See what happens?

I've been so busy reading everyone else's blogs that I've been neglecting my own. That's what happens when school work is no longer beckoning you and the free time you used to crave is now all there. So much time in front of computers that I totally understand the new phrase "mouse potato." (Thanks Orange.)

I've also been spending a lot of time over at Pandagon, especially in light of the new controversy that arose out of Coretta Scott King's funeral service yesterday, what with Reverend Lowery sticking it to Bush with Bush sitting right behind him and all.

My theory is that Reverend Lowery, and the others that chose to go the political route, were taking the chance of a lifetime to speak to The Man and have him actually listen. As some of you may know, Bush has yet to accept a speaking invitation to the NAACP. His logic does not include minorities and I'm sure he didn't even know who Coretta Scott King was until she died, which automatically got him a privileged seat at her funeral.

Here is my partial comment over on Pandagon:

But what did they expect? They got a privileged spot at the funeral only because they are the First Family. They didn’t (or haven’t) earned that right. They haven’t acted, in the 6 years Shrub has been Prez, as if they’ve even wanted to have that spot. The Shrubites do absolutely nothing that would benefit minorities and/or women and have totally wrecked what the Kings fought for to begin with.

Some say, including liberals like me, that the funeral was not the time nor the place.

I could agree with that if the person laying in the casket had been someone of a *normal* (or less of a cultural icon if you will) status. But it was Coretta Scott King and Shrub sat there smirking, making various facial expressions or squirming in his chair while whomever was speaking attended the podium. Could he not see the TV's focused on him?

So yes, I believe the public criticism, where Bush couldn't ban them or have them arrested, was warranted and long overdue.

If you missed any of Lowery's speech, you can see it here.

And do check out this fine piece of writing in the WashPo today titled The Captive President.