Monday, November 07, 2005

Why I hate Abercrombie & Fitch

Let us not forget the wonderful marketing genius of Abercombie and Fitch (it's pretty bad when one can google A&F and get more sites detailing boy/girlcotts than actual information about the company). The good news is, they have decided to pull some of the shirts off the shelves, thus "giving in" to the girlcott. I'm kinda glad because these are highly offensive tshirts that were being marketed to women/girls only, especially of the college persuasion. It's just too bad they didn't pull them all.

What I would really like to know, is how come no one is raging over the sexism/misogyny running amok on the men's tshirts? I was curious if a company who would put messages such as "I [heart] Frat Boys" on a tshirt for women/girls would do something just as alarmingly stupid for men/boys. And yep, they sure as hell did.

There are more: "I work well with D cups," "I mow your moms lawn" and "Pussies to love." I think the tshirts for men are far worse than the ones for women because it teaches and reinforces that we vagina carriers are nothing but a hole to be plugged with the indomitable penis.