Thursday, November 03, 2005


To whomever keeps looking for welcome2thenuthouse, wouldn't be easier if you bookmark me you think? Add me to your favorites or something? Maybe you even want to say 'hi' now since I'm calling you out? ;)

There is also a few people searching incessantly for adult. I think they are trying to find information on Adult Barbie Clothes since that is the post of mine they keep reading. However, 'adult' people, if you searching for something else, might I suggest that you be a little more specific?

A mishmash of search terms were found, such as plain 'ol nut, no name calling, Jensen v. Evelith and even minimum wage, which I don't remember talking about ever but I could be wrong. Hey, maybe it's a sign that I need to point out how wonderful our nation state is by keeping minimum wage at $5.15 even after numerous reports have proven no one can really live off that *much* money. And that Congress is considering raising it to a whopping $6.65 per hour. (Do notice that the link is from 2002. It's now 2005 and still nothing has been decided. By the time they make up their mind, they'll need to increase it another $1.50.)

Does this mean my blog is getting smarter you think?

I personally enjoyed the one person who found me when searching for basketball nut house drill. What might this be you ask. I would answer I have no bloody idea since the google link didn't narrow it down any. But I was 5th on the list of hits, below a basketball purchasing guide and home improvement site.

I noticed that someone in Reston, VA, likes me and reads while at work. tsk.tsk.