Monday, October 31, 2005

Happiness is a relative term

* President first nominates a woman that wasn't anywhere close to qualified, stating he knew her heart and that she'd be the same 20 years from now

* Said president amps up the Christianity piece of her identity so the ashat pundits would like her (although it was questioned of Roberts but repubs said it wasn't fair)

* She withdraws her nomination with the spurious claim of putting undue stress on the White House when the hearing committee asked for WH documents

* And now the President has not only nominated a man, but has nominated a white man at that. Don't we have enough of these on the Supreme Court already?

* At least the 6th white man is qualified and has a consistent record of being a conservative (warning: might piss you liberals off)....oh wait, that's a bad thing!

* And I think it's very telling just how much I love politics when I got sooo bloody excited to see Barack Obama yesterday and didn't have the same reaction when I saw Eriq la Salle 2 Decembers ago when I was in L.A.