Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Conservative Republicans

I find it funny that they are being more vocal on my blog lately than "the choir." What's up with that anyway?

Perhaps I should take this time to state my guidelines for posting.

Be respectful. No name-calling. Be nice. I have absolutely no problems with discourse as long as its done respectfully without bringing any woman-hating language (or any other person-hating, non-inclusive language for that matter) into it. That is no gay bashing, no feminist bashing, no SAHM vs. working mom bashing and so on. I ask that we each be polite yet passionate. We are all adults so I'm sure this can be easily accomplished.

If you do/don't do any of these, I'll delete your post. If you still wanna be rude, I'll ban you.

Thanks and have a great day!

(Btw, it's freakishly warm here in Virginia and it's the first week of November.)