Monday, November 14, 2005

For Alito, the cat is out of the bag

The 100+ pages have been released from the Reagan and Bush Sr. Libraries and it's not looking good for affirmative action, abortion/privacy rights and well, anything else on the other side of constructionist conservatism:

"I am particularly proud of my contributions in recent cases in which the government argued that racial and ethnic quotas should not be allowed and that the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion," he said.
I love this quote most of all:

Alito's supporters say the judge's statement from 1985 shouldn't be held against him.
Those same supporters were Miers' dissenters. Didn't they hold her comments/answers (woman's right to self-determination) against her, hence the reason for her withdrawal from the nomination process?

In the document, Alito also declared himself a "lifelong registered" Republican and a Federalist Society member, and said he had donated money to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the National Conservative Political Action Committee and several GOP candidates.
Wasn't a judge just removed from DeLay's trial for contributing to Democratic organizations? A move that Shrub's administration fully supported?

And this part scares me most of all as in falls directly in line with the direction Shrubs and his hedgemen have been swaying to lately:

Alito wrote that he believed "very strongly in limited government, federalism, free enterprise, the supremacy of the elected branches of government, the need for a strong defense and effective law enforcement and the legitimacy of a government role in protecting traditional values." (emphasis mine)
Visit Dr.B, Jill at Feministe, jedmunds at Pandagon and so much more. It's in just about every newspaper (online) and I'm sure it will make the first page tomorrow, right alongside an article about the U.S. and all this should-we-or-should-we-not-outlaw-torture brouhaha.