Saturday, October 08, 2005

Human Trafficking

It's a 4-part miniseries showing on Lifetime beginning October 24th.

A young, single mother from Prague falls for a handsome stranger while waitressing. A beautiful teen auditions in Ukraine to be a model. In the Philippines, a 12-year-old American girl is intrigued by a local boy peddling bracelets. What do these three unsuspecting individuals have in common? They're being lured into an international sex-trafficking ring run by ruthless criminals.

The lives of these victims and others who have been abducted will never be the same; while locked away they'll be forced into prostitution, see their families threatened and worse. It's up to a rookie Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, her seasoned boss and his team to bust this operation and rescue these people.

Don't miss this gritty crime drama and emotional tale of survival. It exposes the ugly world of human trafficking that could exist in any neighborhood — even yours!

It doesn't focus on Tailand or most known locations, or even minorities in general, but it still looks damn good. Mira Sorvino might win another award for this performance. Set your timers, put a reminder sticky on your pc screen and watch what looks to be a really great tv movie about sex trafficking in the U.S.!