Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Benefit of the Doubt

I really do try and give most anti-choicers the benefit of the doubt. I don't know why, but I blame it on trying to give most all humans I come in contact with the benefit of the doubt, too, and unfortunately, they just happen to be human.

But when I see such made up words as "defund" and "abortuary," they lose anything I was willing to give them. I wish I could link the Supreme Court Case were Operation Rescue was ordered not to impede upon various clinics and pro-choice rallies in DC in 1989. I can, however, give you the citation so if you feel the need to look it up yourself, go for it: NOW, et al., Plaintiffs, v. OPERATION RESCUE, et al., Defendants 726 F. Supp. 300; 1989 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 13496. If you can access Lexis Nexis, search for NOW v. Operation Rescue to view their SCOTUS history. It's stupidly appalling.

Anyway, here's a few exerpts at least.

Seattle, WA - On April 10, fify rescuers were tried for a rescue mission they did on November 12th, 1988 and were found guilty. At sentencing, Judge Joel Rindal asked the first rescuer, Penny Ackerett, if she would promise not to rescue [**26] for two years. She said she could not make such a commitment, so he sentenced her to one year in jail, and a $ 5,000 fine! The next man up also refused to surrender his conscience, and the judge sentenced him likewise.

At that point (for whatever reason) the judge postponed sentencing until June 23, and did not yet jail any rescuers. We must write and call him immediatey. He must know that he cannot practice judicial tyranny without an uproar from teh Christian community. Please know that this type of uproar has resulted in judges acting more reasonably in other cases. Judges are supposed to dispense justice, not trample on people's lives. At least 43 of the 50 rescuers are ready to join Ackerett in jail. Many others are considering. We must try to prevent this from happening.

Yep, sentencing 50 rescuers to 1 year in jail and $50,000 for obviously doing more than simply shouting at women as they entered clinics is judicial tyranny. I shouldn't be surprised by this anymore, but I am. Blatant assholery (they're not the only ones who can make up words) just because a woman chooses abortion is, well, stupid. Calm discourse makes way more sense.

Atlanta, GA - We have been trying to work out an acceptable deal with the officials in Atlanta, in order to resolve the cases from last summer. Unfortunately, the Assistant Solicitor (D.A.) lee O'Brien is playing hardball. he [**27] wants to banish all out-of-towners from the five county area (which includes Atlanta) for two years, and wants to banish local residents from within one hundred feet of an abortuary in Atlanta.

In other words, this is like Russia. "Comrade Smith, you are banished from Moscow for two years!" This is outrageous! Equally outrageous is the trashing of local residents' constitutional rights, denying them their right to even picket in front of a killing center. Please call the solicitors' office, politely expressing your outrage. We would gladly work out a deal if they would drop the banishment.

(bold mine to denote a "new word.")

I laughed out loud when I read this one. Yep, Georgia is being compared to Russia because the Assistant Solicitor doesn't like wacky people trying to harass women going into abortion clinics, including those coming from out-of-state. Jesus F. Christ.

Beloved, may God open our eyes! We have got to see what is at stake! The liberties we take for granted, and that we hope our children will enjoy, are being steadily crushed beneath an oppressive heal. Many police, judges, prison guard and D.A.s have moved from being neutral participants in this struggle [**28] to ardent, aggressive defenders of child-killers. If they can break our [*313] back, our will, our solidarity, we will never secure justice for the children and our country will be lost. America will continue its slide into moral anarchy, and God Himself will destroy us, in part, for the blood that cries from the ground for vengenance. But if we stand against this tyranny, I believe we can turn our country around.

Honestly, I'm kind glad they think everyone is on our side. We pro-choicers (or pro-abortionists in their language) will continue down that slippery slope into the dark recesses of moral anarchy, taking our yet to be fertilized ovum with us.

I really do wish you all could see what Randall Terry submitted in his defense. He's not a woman-hater and rescue is simply his repetence for allowing abortion on demand to run amok in this country. Oh, those women going into clinics are "abortion-bound." But yet he doesn't practice discrimation against women in any way; he just ignores that a woman exists and should be acknowledged separate from the fetus she may or may not be carrying.

Of course, right now, he only practices reincarnation and/or the grand after-life. I hope he's experiencing life-after-death as a bug or something.

Operation Rescue violated that injunction and were brought back to court many times, even fined lots of money. And unfortunately, they still exist carrying about in the same manner I am sad to report. But you already knew that.