Tuesday, March 22, 2005

so little time!

Too much going wrong and so little time to blog it!

So I'm leaving you all with a list of must-sees:

Mark Fiore gives us a "Security Family" cartoon.

The EPA on ignoring itself about mercury poisoning.

I'm sure you all have heard that the judge in the Terry Schiavo case has declined to have the feeding tube reinserted, which means it will go to the Federal Appellate Court.

This is actually interesting as I would love to see some more challenging books entering into our public school systems myself. Education is supposed to be educational the last time I heard.

Here is our favorite feminist-type columnist from the NYT's on women being more genetically complex than men.

Born into Brothels looks like a great movie and if you haven't already seen Hotel Rwanda, please do.

Word of the day, courtesy of Dictionary.com: spoonerism - the transposition of usually ordinary sounds in a pair of words (what we excuse as not being able to talk).

And check out these sites: Code Pink, Oxfam, Sojourner's which is a progressive Christian group for peace and relatively reasonable I think.