Thursday, March 17, 2005

Musings about "mommy blogs"

While I was reading some other thoughts on this issue over at unfogged (warning, do not open the comments thread unless you have plenty of time to wander through over 350 posts), I began thinking of my own "mommy musings." (Thanks to BitchPhD.)

I talk about my son a lot and how my world has been affected by his presence in my life and all that stuff. Like BitchPhD said somewhere in that long line of posts, a woman gets more political after she has kids than before. Our worlds are opened to so much other stuff that we hadn't thought about before, because, as is most often the case when one doesn't have children, there was no need to.

What he said to me in the kitchen yesterday: "Mom, what's this tee-ball stuff all about?"

So I explained it to him.

He says, "Ohhhhhh." Then proceeds to jump and hop around the kitchen for several minutes.

That does remind me: Mother's Day. There is all this great stuff for moms to do with their daughters, but nothing for moms and their sons. So I have decided to crash a tea party this year or something similar and see how it goes. It's kinda how there are matching outfits for moms and daughters, but nothing for moms and sons. It's almost as if it denies that there can be any real link between us because we are not of the same gender....or assumes that there is an ever-present father in these rapidly shrinking "traditional families" so the son automatically wants to emulate the male gender.

Anyway, I don't think I talked much about the "mommy blogs" issue, but I'm really tired and can't seem to spell occasion right, so I think it's time to try again tomorrow and go to sleep today.

Nighty night.

Edited because I most certainly did not talk about "mommyblogs." I will try to do more accurate analogies later.