Friday, March 11, 2005

random smandom

My son informed me this morning on the way into the city that he would like to get his ears pierced someday. So I asked him how about now. He said no, just someday.

Well, as I was getting him out of the bath this evening, when he stated quite exictedly how he would like to get his ears pierced right now. So we might be making a pit stop tomorrow night while very close to the mall.

I'm excited about this because I've been asking him if it's something he would be interested in for quite some time. Not to mention that he said ears, as in plural form. I don't think my ex-husband is going to appreciate the whole ear-piercing bit, but I have also yet to get him to understand that while peanut is only five, he is still old enough to make a lot of decisions on his own about what he likes/dislikes, wants/doesn't want.

So we'll see. I'm not expecting too much because peanut changes his mind often and that's exactly what I am waiting for tomorrow evening. But it proves that he's been thinking about it at least.

Oh! Our glorious learning conversation this morning was about inertia and the theory of motion. We had the pleasure of seeing an 18-wheeler turned on it side in the middle section of the interstate this morning, in the same space that seems to attrack the massive wandering trucks, and so promptly discussed why little tiny cars should not cut in frong of big, hulking trucks since they cannot stop as fast as the teeny cars as they have more weight on the back. I told him that when the truck's cab begins to stop, the trailer is still going and pushes the truck into a skid or a jack-knife.

Then I gave him some kid-friendly examples such as when he's riding his bike and runs into the gate. The bikes stops, but his body doesn't.

Then there was the case of him falling, putting his hands out which stops his arms from hitting, but his head still hits the ground.

That is enertia and the theory that I can't seem to remember right now (it's ____, stays in motion). He was actually very interested in it and was excited to get to school to tell his friends and teacher. But that could have also been the gruesome news of seeing an 18-wheeler on its side, too.

Last nights discussion was lymph nodes and how they produce the attacker cells to kill all the bad germs. I showed him where 6 of them were and he thought it was funny.

He goes for testing on Tuesday for ADD but I truly think it's boredom. I think back over all the times we've had similar discussions as the two above and realize that this kid is bright. In fact, he called himself a genius this evening while waiting in the Wendy's drivethru line, then rescended, stating that he was a genius but not. When I asked him how he could be both at the same time, he replied with, "Because I don't know a lot of things to be a genius." Wow, talk about brain power packed into a 5-year old. I certainly was impressed.