Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's International Women's Day

Happy Day to everyone!! Rememer to celebrate the many women in our worlds history who have made it a better place to live.

It was pouring rain when we came into work around 9:00am; the wind was coming in strong, turning many an umbrella inside out. Approximately 1 hour later, it was snowing. Yesterday was a beautiful 70 degrees F.

With this funky northeaster like weather in mind, why is it that so many women still insist on wearing stilletto-like high heels? They get stuck in the bricked walkways here or in the mud on the occassions that one might actually find any dirt downtown to step in....I remember when Tropical Storm Gaston blew through here dumping over 12" of rain in just 3 hours (on already drenched soil and critically overflowing rivers) and yet it seems that so many were unprepared for his onslaught. Of course, no one was expecting it to stall right over us either which I didn't find out 'til I had already been in my car for an hour just trying to get 1 mile down the road (total trip home: 6 hours. It still wasn't as bad as those who had to make 95, heading into Richmond, their resting place for the night).

It is also interesting to note that it is now sunny outside with only partial cloud cover. You gotta love Virginia storm systems.

And my son is still very sick with a high temp and sleeping on my lap, which is causing me to rvert back to one finger typing. Fun.