Monday, March 21, 2005

Pirates still exist?

Who'd a thunk? Now peanut is going to really be confused.

We've read books on Samurai Cats, green-teethed Pirates, Dinosailors, along with various other books, I'm sure, about Pirates, Knights, Dragons, Dinosaurs, etc.

All of these no longer exist, so I had passed this word of extinct onto peanut (it took him forever to grasp its meaning as he would tell me daily that a Tyranasaurus Rex was going to wake up any minute and come and swallow us up). Now if he asks about pirates and their existance, I might have to tell him yes. Even after I have also told him that they weren't very nice when they were around the first time.

You know, everytime I think of Pirates, I do not think of Johnny Depp, I think of Voltaire's Candide, a very, very dark comedy that others in my class used to laugh at. Dark comedy is not supposed to be funny, or so I had thought. (Go ahead, click on the link, you can search inside the book!)