Thursday, October 19, 2006

R.I.P. Storm

(She's the one getting lots of wet sloppy kisses from the black dog with the hot pink collar.)

We got her July of 1993, just 2 months after I graduated high school. A neighbor found her wandering at a truck stop on one of his trips and, feeling sorry for the emaciated but loyal pup, brought her home in hopes of finding a loving family for her.

The people a few doors down from him had a dog named Thunder and a cat named Lightning, hence the name Storm. But she scared the Mom so we were asked to take her. And obviously we did.

We were about to leave on a 10day vacation to Hawaii and would have to find someone to dog sit or put her in a boarding kennel. My mom didn't care about any of that and took her anyway. My dad didn't speak to my mom for a week, I think. I was aware of his silence, but I can't remember how long it lasted.

Within 6months I had taught Storm how to sit, stay, roll over, play dead, shake with both her left and right paws (which later turned into "Gimme a five!"), speak and to jump for treats.

She was the best dog I ever had and probably will have. Storm listened so well and was hardly aggressive toward other dogs - until they stepped into her house that is but most dogs are like that.

Today she was placed into eternal sleep at appx 4pm laying on my mom's lap in the vet's office. She will be greatly missed but definitely not forgotten. She was 13years old.

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