Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging: "Meet Nascar's kitties" edition

Eventually these 2 will find a home away from each other but thankfully they were all spayed/neutered while I was away on "vacation." Even their mom. Whew!

Anyway, Casper is the mom's name so in keeping with a certain white ghost's honor, we commonly refer to her 3 babies as Stinky, Stretch and Fatso; the first and last being pictured above. We all love Fatso because he is very fluffy and a black tabby. Stretch is an orange tabby who will most likely be showing up at a later time when Nascar's stepdad emails me the picture.

Oh, these were taken with my camera phone one evening 2 weeks ago. Every time my phone flashed, the orange tabby attacked it. It was highly entertaining I promise you that.