Thursday, September 08, 2005

One Thousand Reasons

A professor friend of mine who is from Canada (and not a U.S. citizen) sent me this wonderful website that boasts its intent to "Document the failures of the Bush administration." You gotta check it out because it's ripe with news and information from all over the world about his disastrous reaction to the devastation in LA and MI.

Take this for example:

Then two reporters happened to learn just how big the story would be. While TV networks broadcast warnings on Monday evening they rode bikes out to the Lakeview District and caught a first glimpse of the true disaster. The water stood two meters high in some places and was rising fast. They came back with a story that a levee had burst, and that parts of the city were about to drown.

Or this one from The Village Voice that reminds us why Bush was/is two different people when how he responded to what happened 4 years ago on 9/11 is comparend to how he didn't respond almost 2 weeks ago with Hurricane Katrina.

Lots of links to international news sources like Terhan Times, Der Spiegel and many more. Almost the whole entire homepage is covered in various news organizations around the world calling Bush and his administration to task for his horrible repsonse and lack of responsibility.

So go read and then tell everyone else about One Thousand Reasons (especially if they aren't happy with Bush either)!