Wednesday, September 03, 2008

See if you know what any of this means

Preconscious Awareness
One begins to realize that he or she is not self-aware.

Simple Conscious Awareness
For the first time, one experiences awareness.

Reflective Awareness
One thinks about and reflect on what has happened in simple conscious awareness.

Reflexive Awareness
One pays particular attention to and understands how personal history and one's personhood affect the situation.

Social Constructive Awareness
One recognizes the mutual meaning-making that shapes what has happened in a situation.

Critical Reflectivity
One accepts responsibility for the role she or he played in the situation and asks questions about biases and power dynamics in the situation.

Contextual Awareness
One recognizes how raising questions about biases and power affect others, seeing the self in context.

The assignment?

Having read these definitions, see if you can provide an example of when you used each type of awareness. If you have not experience a particular type, make a plan to go to that level of awareness. Think about the costs and benefits of each level of awareness.
These 2 books were cited at the bottom of the page:

Who is the "self" in self-aware: Professional self-awareness from a critical theory perspective and Organization practice: A social worker's guide to understanding human services.

The former is something I would have liked to read prior to this exercise or at least peruse it a bit to get a better understanding since it is really hard to go backwards once you've successfully stepped into a certain amount of self-awareness, or enlightenment if you will.

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