Thursday, January 24, 2008

What would you do???

Recently Mrs. FedEx Nut (formerly Mrs. NASCAR Nut) came to me with a look of worry on her face. She is having some medical issues, ones that made her nervous enough to worry about what would happen if she was no longer with us. She and I have 2 daughters (13 & 6) together. They both live with her, but I am still very much a part of their lives. I also have a son (19) from a previous marriage that she counts as one of her children too.

Mr. FedEx Nut has a son (20) and 2 daughters (12 & 8) from a previous marriage. Together they have a son (3). Mrs. FN knows that if she is gone, I will take good care of my girls. My girls have nothing to worry about there. Mrs. FN’s worry was more about the youngest son. She was worried that I wouldn’t let my girls still spend time with their littlest brother. Being as how I have already had many times that I’ve considered letting him come spend the weekend with the girls and I, I don’t feel that he and his sisters would become strangers to each other.

But this did open up a new train of thought. A tangent on the original idea. What if something were to happen to Mr. & Mrs. FN at the same time? Who would take care of the littlest FN? I can see this becoming my role, but it still seems weird in a way. The littlest FN came to be while Mrs. FN was still Mrs. NN. That situation has tons to do with her and I being over. But this is not Lil FN’s fault.

Hopefully none of this will matter, but I am curious what others think of this situation. It really is kinda out there. Hopefully Mrs. FN’s medical issues will be less of a worry to her than she is making them to be currently. She will know more by February.