Friday, July 20, 2007

Virginian's be aware

Did you know there are 8 Native American (or as I like to say, indigenous) tribes here in Virginia? Can you name them all? I could only name 5 a few days ago but now, thanks to google, I can name all 8:

1. Rappahannock - not recognized federally
2. Pamunkey
3. Mattaponi - pronounced mat-ta-poe-nigh
4. Upper Mattaponi - not recognized federally
5. Chickahominy - not recognized federally
6. Eastern Chickahominy - not recognized federally
7. Nansemond - not recognized federally
8. Monacan - not recognized federally

For those unfamiliar with Virginia and its geography, each of these tribes are within 4 hours of each other and the Monacan's have what I believe to be the only Episcopal Church Mission on the reservation. They are located in the more mountainous regions of Virginia but not actually in them if that helps any. There were more at one point but our governments' have succeeded in helping them disappear over the many decades of mistreatment and ignorance.

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