Saturday, January 13, 2007

Animal Testing

I would like to know why repub's and the religious right think it is distasteful and murderous to use stem cells to complete research and testing that might help save future lives yet they allow induced aneurysm's in dogs for the sole purpose of testing new medical/surgical procedures.

What the fuck is up with double standards anyway?

Last time I checked, when you step on a dog's paw, tail or body, they yelp in pain. This means they, too, have feelings and suffer.

So really, what exactly is the difference again?

Do note the article states it is uncommon for them to use the procedure for sales pitches, but they do it regularly as a means of research.

I despise animal testing and do my best to buy/use things that have not been tested on the creatures I choose to keep company with. This includes Iams (believe it or not), most any makeup, most any shampoo (Aussie, TreSemme and Paul Mitchell are a few that do not participate) and I still haven't found an organic/non name brand toothpaste I like since most every other choice is from Proctor & Gamble and they seem to love animals only to test on them.

(If you don't believe how evil it can get, then check out these other links.)

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