Monday, January 29, 2007

30 minutes

That's how long I stood outside yesterday banging on the windows, calling the house phone and ringing the doorbell before I finally lost my patience entirely and kicked in a window pane.

The reason I did all that?

Peanut was in my room, at the front of the house, playing on the computer.

When asked if he heard any of the banging at all, he said yes and he thought I was building something. When asked if he didn't think it odd that someone rang the doorbell numerous times yet he didn't hear me go to the door, he again said yes, but thought I was building something and didn't realize I had left the house.

Let's just say he won't have that reaction again. The good thing is we have the old windows where it's 1 simple pane out of 9 that make up the whole thing, thereby making it a much cheaper fix.