Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's My Life

and I'm livin' it. Or however the song goes.

Thursday Peanut decided he wanted to hide himself in the closet (in his class) after he was told he couldn't get water immediately because he didn't come in from recess immediately. Then the teacher bumped his head when she was trying to get him out of the closet for which he got mad and threw a book nook chair. At some point in his day, Peanut also decided it would be hilarious and, in keeping with his "usual goofy self," pulled a chair from under his classmate.

Friday was much better and so were the 3 days prior to this incident.

Saturday Peanut thought it would be neat to steal Auntie L's $11 out of her glove compartment. When they were in the McDonald's drive thru, she went searching for it and when she realized it was missing, Peanut suggested to her that "it might be in [his] pocket."


Thankfully dear 'ol Dad punished him for stealing and actually stuck to it.

Hence, I got back a totally different kid on Sunday evening and I loved it. Yesterday and Monday were excellent days in terms of temper/anger management so I'm hoping maybe if Dad is more like a parent from now on, Peanut's overall behaviors will start to get better.

Now on to me.

Saturday Nascar Nut and I spent the day at an adopt-a-thon for our beautiful siberian huskies. (I'd show you pictures, but blogger is still not liking the picture part of the blogging deal so hopefully I will be able to get them up soon.)

Three of our furry babies were adopted this weekend!

So of course that was a great weekend for both the sibes and the humans that care for them! We're very glad they have been adopted and it really looks like they will not be back. Yay!

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