Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Getting Around

Thanks to Jill at Feministe, I found this absolutely wonderful essay that helps dispel the myth that people who use wheelchairs are asexual or, at best, have no sexuality. Please read the entire essay then check out my post on women with varying physical disabilities.

The three years that followed the accident were hell. I was abandoned by my friends, and, worst of all, ignored by boys. Before my injury, I wasn't considered hot, but I had kissed a couple of guys. After, I felt like a circus freak rolling down the halls. I'd see guys avert their eyes when I came by. Each time, I sank further into depression. I tried to focus on my physical therapy, but I was plagued by the prospect of no man ever wanting me because I was a cripple. What point was there to becoming stronger if I'd be alone the rest of my life?