Thursday, May 11, 2006

Friday Dog Blogging: Check out the New Kid edition

His name is Kazu, not Kazoo. I thought the martian dude on The Flinstones at some point or another was Kazoo, but turns out his name is really The Great Gazoo. What a shame. Then there is always Kadzu, which is an evil vine that takes over everything wherever it touches. Once it shows up, it's hard to stop. It does look nice, but it suffocates the vegetation around it, essentially killing everything. That's not good.

But Kazu is such a sweetie. He's kinda dirty from being a stray and a husky. Try giving a husky a bath someday and you'll understand why it's such a pain in the ass. Anyway, Kazu is very shy/skittish meaning he was abused at some point in his short 2 to 3 year old life. Even still, he'll make someone a great dog someday soon. Unfortunately, he wasn't neutered so he can't be adopted 'til that happens. He loved the car ride home, even adjusting my side mirror for me! Tomorrow he goes to the vet to be tested for heart worms and such. Cross your paws and hope he's negative!!

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