Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sometimes I just really hate people.

This article, also in the WashPo, reviews an HBO documentary being aired tonight. They found out that dogs being sold for research are 1) mostly stolen pets that a family is undoubtedly missing and 2) being sold to the kennels for $15 a head but sold to labs for $250.

(I really hate that research for make-up, shampoo, toilet paper, etc., is done on any kind of animal so I try to use brands that don't participate in this inhumane acts though it isn't always easy to do.)

What this documentary, called "Dogs", seeks to shed light on is the poor conditions the dogs are subjected to while waiting to go to the various labs or research facilities that will torture them even more. (Can we say Iams?)

So pretty much it's like, "Hey, you should be treating these dogs with utmost respect because they're going to be tortured even more! We should love and care for them until they have to get tubes shoved into their precious tummies, their eyes filled with mascara's and eyeliners or strapped onto a table to see what kind of reactions they have to various chemicals."

Agh. Sometimes I just really hate people. Because in my head, that group who did the undercover work should care about what happens to the animals at all stages of their lives, not just the parts before being sold into involuntary (unknowing) servitude.

(No, I am not a PETA freak. They take things too far and are for a nationwide ban on pit bulls and their eventual euthanizing/eradication as a breed.)

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