Sunday, February 19, 2006

Eight Below

Peanut and I saw the movie earlier this afternoon and I gotta say, it was pretty decent for what I was expecting. It was made by Disney and, well, they've been sucking for quite some time now. They usually don't tell the truth either, but in this case, who wants to really know that 7 out of 9 dogs die and that the 2 survivors ate the others in order to stay alive?

But I'm actually going to agree with the few good reviews. I felt the movie wasn't about the human aspect at all, but about the dogs and what they decided to do in order to stay alive until they could be rescued. The several reviews that have picked it apart have missed the point I think. They perhaps saw this as only Disney missing the mark again, and for that I will agree, but sometimes you have to separate a movie from its creator, much like occasionally, you have to separate a great actor/actress from their true, off screen personality.

In Eight Below, we were allowed to get to know each dog and their individual personalities. That is much better than anyone with Disney has done in a long time.

That said, we here at Pet Harbor are expecting a run of abandoned and dumped dogs approximately 3 months from now, when the people who had to have a husky or malamute so badly realize they require a lot more than what the movie let's on. It's why we're going to be hanging out in front of a local movie theatre this Saturday in hopes we can educate a few people.

So I beg of you, if anyone you know, including yourself, decides they just have to have one of these beautiful and wonderfully loyal dogs, read up on them first and then adopt one from a rescue or animal shelter - DO NOT buy one from a breeder. Pay special attention to the bad parts. (Like how they are called "4-legged Houdini’s" or that they are known for counter surfing and digging up your backyard.)

Huskies are not easy to train as sometimes they just don't want to do it. They can be very stubborn but will also shower you with kisses and hugs and be the bestest friend you could ever have. They are high energy all the time and have to be kept busy. As soon as they get bored, they'll tear your house apart. Literally.

They are absolutely beautiful dogs that will follow you to the end of the earth (and who also love snow), not to mention that they will do anything to please you.

Just please, please, please make sure huskies and/or malamutes are the dog for you before you adopt one. And then run out and spay/neuter them if they aren't already.

(This article was odd, as it called on the humans for behaving so badly and leaving the dogs behind. Since this was inspired by a real occurrence, wouldn't it have been in bad form to have everyone survive just because we can't stand watching them die?)

The picture is one of our rescues: Rocco. He's my doggie boyfriend and a lover of humans but an alpha male among the dog world.

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