Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Are you scared of Iran?

A USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll wants to know.

Nearly 7 of 10 of those surveyed over the weekend say they are concerned that the United States will move prematurely to use force, but they also seem to recognize the quandary that policymakers face. There is almost as much concern that the Bush administration won't do enough to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear arsenal.
At least the article starts off by saying Americans aren't completely buying this "get them before they get us" bullshit anymore.

I did love this comment though, made by Richard Eichenberg, a political scientist at Tufts University

The Muslim world is in an uproar over the Danish cartoons (portraying the prophet Mohammed), Iran is quite vocal in challenging us, and Iraq continues to be a drip-drip-drip of daily violence. (emphasis mine)
The good thing is that the article does mention Bush's ratings drop, which has gone back down to 39% despite his speech tour and the State of the Union Address.

That's not really a surprise to us anti-patriots though.