Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dolce & Gabbana run gay ads

One comment about this blurb said both the print ad and commercial weren't that far a leap.

Maybe for the UK, but here in America were we banned Buster from visiting a little girl in Vermont who just happened to have 2 moms, it's a huge one indeed.

I, however, do agree that the print ad is a little creepy because every man is dressed but the one (who is also oiled). They men who are dressed are also higher, either standing or sitting, than the man lying (laying?) on the ground.

The same commenter who said this isn't a big leap also said she'd be angry if it were a woman lying on the ground surrounded by the same men in the picture. I do agree with that sentiment, however, I wonder if women see it as oppressive because we are constantly portrayed in such a manner even in today's society or if it really oppressive even when it's all men?