Thursday, February 09, 2006

Eve Ensler is gonna be on TV

Eve On TV In February

V-Day Founder Eve Ensler will appear on a variety of national (US) television shows this month.
mtvU's 15 Minutes With... invited V-Day Georgetown activist Kendra Jackson to meet and interview Eve. The segment - which also interviews Kendra on campus - airs from Thursday, February 9 to Tuesday, February 14 (repeating throughout the day).

Beginning Friday, February 10, an interview with Eve will appear on PBS' To The Contrary. To The Contrary is an all-female news analysis series, providing an important, timely forum for women to discuss national and international issues and policies, presenting news and views that are rarely available elsewhere on television. Each PBS station airs us at a different time so please visit for your local station.

On Saturday, February 11 at 9pm, the documentary Beautiful Daughters will premiere on Logo. Directed and produced by Josh Aronson and Ariel Orr Jordan, the original documentary looks at the lives of four transgender women intertwined with the casting, rehearsal and opening of the first transgender V-Day production of "The Vagina Monologues".

On February 19, Eve has a guest appearance on the popular Showtime Television Series The L Word. Unlike recent celebrity cameos, Eve will be playing a character.
Tune in! Please check you local listings for airtimes.