Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Today proved why I don't talk to other mom's much

I have a hard time making friends with most other moms because many are in a different world than I am, and I'm not just talking about single mom vs. married mom either. There are a few I do like but in all honestly, I try not to call to much attention to myself for fear they'll find out that, technically, Peanut isn't supposed to be at that school.

So today, when another mom said hello, I politely said hello back.

Her: Where's your daughter? Is she out here today? What grade is she in? First Grade right?

Me: pointing to the swings and saying Yes.

Her: slight shocked look on her face, Oh, you have a son right?

Me: noticing the slight look of irritation because I didn't correct her, shake my head and say out loud, Yes.

Her: I'm sorry, I forgot he was a boy.

Me: It's okay, it's only a pronoun.

Her: No. It's not, it's more than that, it really is.

Me: decided to stay quiet and not go there. Not on the school's playground anyway.