Monday, December 10, 2007

Michael Vick sentenced to 23 months

When I drove by the courthouse this morning at 7:40am, there were protestors already lining the streets. Included was a guy who put up 5 or 6 Vick jerseys w/various signs on the back and fronts, one of which said something like, "Make sentencing fair for Michael Vick."

What is fair about him being the financier for an illegitimate kennel where only pits were bred for fighting purposes? And who is going to speak for the 8 dogs he killed mercilessly?

I told Peanut this morning that I could care less if he goes to jail as I think a permanent suspension from the Falcons would do far more damage as that's his $7 million paycheck that he is not entitled to but lucky to have.

Anyone treating animals this way frustrates me because one of these days the state and federal legislative branches will get a clue to the connection between animal and human abuse. If a human can beat, maim, torture and/or kill an animal, then they are capable of doing it to humans as well.

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