Thursday, November 09, 2006

It was you who wanted a mandate

And now you've got one. The Democrat's regained control of Congress then, because he knows he will now be investigated intensely, Rumsfeld stepped down from his position of High Secretary of Defense.

Sure Virginia and Montana barely won, but we did nonetheless. (I am so glad Virginia went half blue again, even if 58% who showed up to vote said Yes to a state ban on same-sex marriage.)

To top it off, Nancy Pelosi became the first woman Speaker of the House. Hah! Her title is Madame Speaker, isn't it great? (If you ever get a chance to watch Senate/House arguments as they are televised on CNN or CSPAN, they refer to each other as "gentleman" and "gentlewoman". It's kinda funny.)

As soon as I saw the announcement about Rumsfeld, I ran into my co-workers office and exclaimed rather excitedly yet somewhat restrained, "Did you see the news!?" She had of course so we shared in our jubilee and, honestly, I wanted to dance around singing, "Ding dong the wicked witch, the wicked witch, the wicked witch, ding dong the wicked witch is dead!"

I think we're going to start getting some answers now and hopefully have a real beginning to an end of the quagmire the Republican's have been calling the War on Terror.

This is starting to make up for the shitty results of the 2004 election.