Thursday, October 13, 2005

Women get rehab and time with kids in prisons

I think its a really great idea and this kind of rehabilitation has a lot of research backing it up. However, why aren't the same resources and research being done about ways to rehabilitate men? Is it because women are generally in for very different reasons? Is it because most women in prisons are moms and the kids generally end up becoming a ward of the state or living with a family member whereas when fathers go to jail, the children still live with the mother?

"She's my saving grace," said Locke, 26, who says she was high on methamphetamine four years ago when she set fire to a Bemidji duplex and a trailer home over unpaid drug debts. "This little girl loves me. She's got me up on this huge pedestal, and I've got to live up to her standards."

I believe the article says 6 states currently have some kind of healthy relationship, anger management training and allow children to visit incarcerated mothers, such as Locke above who gets 1 night a month for a sleepover visit (she can have other visits, but this one she earns with good behavior).

However, funding is hard to come by for these types of programs because much of it is earmarked for death row inmates (male) and other capital punishment needs. Huh, go figure.