Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So it's been a while

I've been contemplating what to do with this space I have reserved for myself. Should I make it a knitting blog? Should I scrap it altogether?

Then I had an epiphany.

Why not make it a political mommy knitting blog? You'll get to see pictures of the projects I'm attempting and/or have finished, hear their stories, as well as experience the frustrations as I trudge along in my 2nd year (of 4) in grad school and try not to notice as Peanut enters into his tween years (complete with attitude).

Every so often I might vent about why birth control needs to be put in the water source.

So to get everyone up to date: Peanut informed me the other morning that one nostril was bigger than the other.

And I realized I didn't have any pictures of the only sweater I've knit myself in 4 years.

Expect to hear more from me. Hopefully a lot more. I have missed this space that has allowed me the kindness to vent my frustrations and work through a few things. Especially my ever-increasing grasp on our foster care system, state budgets and so much more.

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