Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun Sucker Outer

The idea of being one sends me into a panic. I have a kid, school and a full-time job that can be a fun crusher for most anyone I am trying to date because they have to work around it thus limiting their own freedom. I’m sure it can get frustratingly simple at times.

I worry about holding someone back from their full potential because I have these particular responsibilities in my life, essentially chaining me down and if it gets serious, it thus chains them down as well.

Who I am dating doesn’t have any responsibilities and is free to come and go at will. It’s hard on me because I, on more than one occasion, have wished I had that life.

Dating becomes a little easier when you don’t have an instant family.

So when that person I’m dating accuses me of being a fun sucker outer, I take it personally, because it is something I fear being.