Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Young Lives for Sale

the byline says, "Why more kids are getting into the sex trade - and how feds are fighting back."

I don't like that sentence because it portrays the idea all young girls and boys are in the "sex trade" voluntarily. The article proves that many are not, but I felt the author could have done better. Most are tricked, taken, kidnapped or played into thinking they will be doing something with their lives. The fact that many had run away from abusive homes got only 1or2 sentences.

The article also says that the girls are getting younger, with 11 and 12 year olds the most sought after. This is an issue I would like to see Bush declare *war* on and fight like he truly means to win.

(Don't forget to watch Human Trafficking on Lifetime, Monday, October 24th at 9pm)

Good grief, how could I have forgotten the North American Man/Boy Love Association, eh? It's all just absolutely disgusting.