Friday, October 14, 2005


To the young lady who, on the entire 10 minute bus ride from one campus to the other, complained/moaned/whined about Indiana being a better school than VCU - why the fuck are you here then?

Then I heard her say, "Nursing's not so bad" and immediately understood why. VCU has a very very competitive nursing school on its Medical Center Campus (of which they are currently in the process of constructing a brand new building to relocate them to).

She said people are mean here, psychotic even. Wanna know her experience? One other girl who got mad at blondie for not talking to her. You can find those types everywhere. Blondie said people were much nicer in Indiana and she had friends there.

I say Indiana is fucked up because they just tried to make it illegal for people to procreate articifially unless a doctor/team of doctors gave the okay. It didn't fly, thank goddess, but wtf? Are we seriously trying to go all Handmaid's Tale one state at a time?

(Oh yeah, links via Dr.B. and Lauren at Feministe.)