Sunday, January 17, 2010

Knitting has been On Hold

About 2 or 3 weeks before Christmas, my right elbow started hurting. A lot. But it wasn't your typical smash and bruise. When I asked a physical therapist I work with what it could be, she said tendinitis. So I iced it, took lots of ibuprofen and still it hurt. Here I am nearly a month later and the pain has ebbed yet hasn't gone away completely. The problem?

I had to stop knitting.

Which I did and haven't knit in almost 2 weeks. Thursday will be the complete 2 weeks recommended; I don't think my elbow will be good enough by then. Sitting at my computer typing hours on end hasn't been helping.

My regimen for the last 10 days has been 800mg of ibuprofen in the morning with breakfast, ice/stretching for at least 2 hours, 800mg of ibuprofen with lunch, no ice but stretching then I go home where it's 800mg with dinner and more ice.
Anything that keeps my elbow bent for long periods of time has been avoided. I keep the laptop at arms length so my right arm isn't bent (or at least much). I've even taught myself how to keep my Nintendo DS at arms length which isn't as easy as it sounds.

So I'm looking forward to Thursday but honestly, I think I'm going to need another week. And the above means no knitting. Thank goodness school starts again Thursday and I'll probably be too busy reading 100 pages to miss knitting (yeah right).