Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Narcissists R Us

It is interesting that this article would be published when I’ve been noticing a rash of narcissism in my personal sphere. My new roommate has narcissistic tendencies especially when she’s been drinking (she also has alcoholic tendencies but that’s for another discussion), my ex-husband thinks my world should revolve around him and the United States seems to have been run by a handful of these types for the last 8 years.

I know with certainty parents gives their kids too much these days. They let their kids watch rated R movies when they are 9 years old, buy mature video games before they can spell their name and allow the “gimme’s” to run the household. (My response to the gimme’s is, “Gimme got his neck broke.” It’s what my dad used to tell me every time.)

Boundaries need to be set in place and this generation needs to know the world does not revolve around them. They are only one cog in the wheel of life and need to treat others accordingly.

Peanut hangs out with a few kids who are given just about everything they could ever want. His classmate has a PS3, a PSP, had braces put on then taken off his lower teeth (he’s only 9!), has the latest in fashions and 2 parents who work themselves to exhaustion to provide all this.

Wanna know what we have? 2 TV’s, 1 Nintendo DS, 1 Nintendo DS Lite, a DVR, an iPod Nano and a laptop computer that can play WoW. Peanut is currently restricted from playing video games because he got a C in Social Studies when he’s had A’s since Kindergarten. We plan to get a Wii, but only if Peanut proves to me he can handle it and school work; so far he hasn’t.

I believe a person should earn their benefits and rewards fairly and believe kids should even more. They need to be taught how to deal with the things they will be denied later in life and how to deal with people in general. When they start with an overwhelming sense of self-worth that hasn’t been earned, they are in for a life of disappointment without the ability to deal.

Like the article said, this could very well lead to a higher rate of, “failed marriages, abusive working environments and billion-dollar Ponzi schemes.”

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