Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peanut, the 9 year old who knows all

Yesterday, while brushing our teeth, Peanut looked up at me and said, with great distain, "My school doesn't know anything."

Me: Explain.

Peanut: Isn't Daylight Saving Time over?

Me: Well, sort of.

Peanut: My school set their clocks ahead an hour! (now scowling)

Me: (chuckling) Do they have it straight now?

Peanut: Yeah, but it took them a while.

Me: You didn't say that to anyone who works at your school did you?

Peanut: (laughing) No....

Then I thought to myself: "Wow, he's been hanging around me way too long 'cause I just saw myself only 2 feet shorter." And then I also realized it was very likely his school forgot to turn their clocks back at the appropriate time.

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