Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overheard at Work

I'm going to start a new series titled Overheard at Work because some of the stuff heard here would crack you up, leave you appalled or gross you out. Heck, sometimes all 3 might happen.

2 of my co-workers were standing at the copier talking about a referral source who, according to them, isn't very nice. The part I will be repeating is only the section my brain began to listen in on.

CW 1: She isn't very nice! (whiney voice)

CW 2: Be nice to me massah. (southern twang added for emphasis)

CW 3: Seriously, she isn't nice at all.

And I stopped listening because I was too busy texting my co-blogger Charlie to see if he would have the same reaction I did. Yep.

Both co-workers are white and staunch republicans though CW 2 wouldn't be able to tell you why. Being a republican doesn't have much to do with the racist comment, I know, but the whiteness of their skin and lives does.

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