Thursday, May 05, 2005

WTF! times 3

Okay, what's up with a 16 year old dousing a 2 month old baby with pepper spray...seriously. Did she think the baby was going to start kung-fu karate chopping her or somethin'?

Then, the murder of 'Precious Doe' has been solved. The gruesome part? The stepdad kicked her in the head and left her on the floor for two days. She died as a result because they would not seek medical treatment as each had a warrant out for their arrest. If that weren't bad enough, they carried her to a local church, went to the back and stepdad used hedge clippers to cut her head off. Nice, I know.

Ah but if that weren't bad enough, how 'bout the story of the puppy in Iowa whose eyes and nose were superglued shut?

Come on people!