Thursday, March 26, 2009

Come on Charlie, Move your bloomin' arse!

Maybe if we beg him enough, he'll post the awesomeness that he emailed me the other night on the AIG debacle and the fact Geithner is playing with his friends. Who wants to start?

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Every Day is Straight Day

Last Friday night, Peanut and my One Conservative Friend were eating dinner at River City Diner and overheard this conversation between a waiter and his customers (who he apparently knew). Keep in mind he was wearing a rainbow belt and seemed happy to be a young gay adult male:

Waiter: I just found out Kings Dominion has a Gay Day. I didn't even know they could do that, isn't it discrimination. Can they do that? I wonder if they have a Straight Day...

Customers: Huh, interesting. (pause) Every day is Straight Day.

Waiter: Silence as he most likely contemplates this news which shouldn't be a shock to him. Then agrees.

Then in my head I say, "Thank god they (customers) said that because I surely would have."

Which brings up an interesting point. This evening, a classmate gave a presentation on gay adolescents and depression. We learned that many internalize homophobia so it might take them a while to figure out they are gay and/or to act on those impulses. Sometimes this internalization follows them into early adulthood before they are able to "free" themselves from societies heterosexual constraints, especially when children are involved.

Naturally while discussing the topic tonight I thought of the young man and his ignorance to every day being straight day. After all, we live in a society where heterosexuality is affirmed via the right to get married and homosexuality is denied that same affirmation with the many bans that have arisen in recent years.

Gay couples were not seen in primetime television until Will & Grace came along. "Grey's Anatomy" and "Brothers & Sisters", both portraying lesbian and gay relationships respectively, have been passed the torch. These 2 shows portray homosexual relationships as being equal with those of their heterosexual counterparts, something I admire and am excited to watch for.

But it's still interesting how a young homosexual male didn't yet understand that every day is Straight Day. Seriously.

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