Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Return of the Peanutism

A group of us, 5 very liberal women to be exact, hung out in my kitchen last night, eating, drinking and being merry while awaiting the results of the election. We had no doubt Obama was going to win, but it was nice seeing the results as they strolled in. It confirms in your mind what you knew all along: America is ready for a real change, one we can actually believe in and stand behind. Obama is who I staunchly believe Jesus would vote for.

The pinnacle of the evening was when Virginia, in a very close call, went blue for the first time since 1964 when Lyndon B. Johnson was elected.

That was when we left the house, after opening the first of the two bottles of champagne we had been saving just for that moment, to shout into the streets. Apparently we attracted attention because a few of our regular cops showed up!

When the election was called for Obama and we shouted even louder.

So where does the Peanutism come in you ask.

I was upstairs checking Facebook because I’m addicted and wanted to know what my other friends were thinking/feeling, when Peanut popped up.

Peanut: Mom.

Me: Yes?

Peanut: Who won?

Me: Who do you think?

Peanut: Obama

Me: Yep! And guess what else?

Peanut: What?

Me: VA went blue.

Peanut: Yes.

Then he went back to sleep.

And I went downstairs to wait for Obama’s acceptance speech, which was gracious and very Presidential if I do say so myself. Those girls have definitely earned their puppy, : ).

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