Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Dog Blogging: The "It's Official, We're Keeping Her" edition

Family Pets 015
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Her owners found us last week while we were walking about in the rain. They were in the process of moving from their house in Church Hill to another neighborhood down the road a bit called Fulton Hill and the mom was picking up her sons from the school around the corner.

She got out of the car, claimed it was indeed "Duchess" and asked if they could visit. We exchanged phone numbers, I lost theirs 2 days later and I haven't heard from them since. Mom did ask if they could visit, told me Penelope used to take her collar off all the time and loved to sleep in the bed with her husband, who is paralyzed. Had I fully realized I would definitely be keeping the dog, I would have asked if she'd been to the vet for initial shots or if she'd been spayed. Oh well.

We go next weekend to do all that and in May she will have her reproductive insides taken completely out.